FORCES OF NATURE: A Collection of Jewels Inspired by the Five Elements

This collection finds inspiration in nature. Breathing new life into natural stones, the collection unveils the true beauty of hand carved stones, by my artisans. I’ve introduced an unusual material into my craft — in this instance, wood.

EARTH - The element of harvest — nurturing and abundant — Earth represents balance and groundedness.

WATER - Water is characterised by its ability to flow, adapt and bind substances as well as its healing nature that nourishes and binds the body. As the source of all life, Water is associated with change, emotions, and purification.

AIR - The element of Air acts as a channel for clear communication and self-expression.

FIRE- The Fire element acts as a cleanser that burns up toxins and impurities.

SPACE - Space acts as the container for all the other elements and is the element from which all other elements originate, and to which they all return.