|| ZAHA ||

At the root of all things, is design. Good design can elevate the contextual relevance of a space, a product and can evoke feelings that offer different perspectives.

Zaha Hadid’s unconventional circular forms, a departure from linear geometrical designs with the fearlessness to build her interpretations and abstractions in a profession dominated by men, is what drew me in.

Her sheer will to create from the heart as a woman of color, speaking up for the voices veiled, inspired me to name this collection after her.

The Zaha Hadid collection thus draws from the role of women through time. From being mothers, entrepreneurs, athletes, friends, wives and every other role that ‘she’ identifies with.

The layers and stacks are an intentional process worked into the collection to share the collective voice of women at a time where the need to be heard is now. To show the multitude of roles that woman partake in everyday, of how they emerge victorious everyday, through every trial and tribulation.