My Story


MYO is the creation of minimalist designer Milly Ghumman. The third child amongst five, Milly grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, amidst the intricate and wholly artistic backdrop of Karigars (artisans) whom her mother would engage in creating pieces that were a timeless effort of fabrics, colors and motifs.

A self taught designer with a major in Psychology, backed with an abundance of opportunity to absorb different cultures, traditions and styles across the world, MYO was setup in August 2014, an inspired journey of travel through time.

MYO is a result of the inherent need to create out of one's current environment, deeply influenced by the rich history of colors, gemstones and artisans that is at the root of the traditional Indian experience and blending that with the unique perspective that comes with travel to create contemporary pieces for the women and men world over today.

My Mission? "Beauty within can find its truest expression with a timeless essence of a piece of jewelry and that’s how I want all women to feel. Uniquely beautiful!"

Milly constantly strives to keep engaged the true artisans of India’s rich history in the contemporary and ever evolving present. Each piece is handmade and unique in the context of the stones used.